Sweets & chocolate
Disfruta - Fruit stars - raisins

Selected fine Californian raisins, retail bag containing 14 gram mini boxes.

Disfruta - Sultanas and apple

Selected fine raisins and small apple cubes, retail bag containing 14 gram mini boxes.

Trianon -  Chocolate Selection 175g

A selection of 5 delicious Chocolate Specialties in the flavours,
- Mint
- Orange
- Chocolate with crispy pieces

Trianon - Chocolate hearts

Trianon - Chocolate Sticks Deluxe

Available in four flavours:amaretto/milk, orange/dark, mint/dark and latte machiatto/white chocolate.

Trianon - Chocolate Twigs

Display 36x125g - Assortiment
flavours: mint, orange, milk

Trianon -  Chocolate Sticks

different flavours:
orange, extra dark, caramel, cappuccino, mint, milk, dark

Trianon - Deluxe mini Chocolates

Delicious chocolates with sprinkels in reclosable packaging.
raspeberry, mint, almond, cappuccino, toffee.

Trianon - Medallions

Delicous chocolates with sprinkles.
mint, raspberry, toffee, hazelnut, cappuccino.

Trianon - Rounds

Deliciuous milk and dark chocolates with a crunchy bite.
caramel, hazelnut, milk, dark.

Union Chocolate for hotel & catering

Made from the finest Belgian chocolate wrapped according to your design. From 5 gram pieces to 80 gram bars in more than 10 flavours.

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